Communicating on the Web

Assignments & Grading


Website critique/comparison paper & presentation (200 points) – You will choose three websites to examine based on the techniques for critique we discuss in class and your readings. You will write a 5-page paper exploring those critical techniques, as well as comparing and contrasting the sites. You will give your opinion of what works and what doesn’t and offer suggestions for improvements based on what you have learned in class. Then, you will pick one of the websites to have critiqued to give a 5-minute live critique on in class. Your presentation will be worth 50 points; the paper will be worth 150 points. (Due Feb. 28)

Blog (250 points) – You will use the content management site WordPress. You will maintain a blog posting information that is appropriate for your field of study. For example, journalism students should use the blog to post news content for a beat; public relations students should post promotional information for an organization; aspiring managers should post information appropriate for an internal audience. Your first blog post will be due before the blog is completed and will be worth 50 points. The blog as a whole will be graded later and will be worth 200 points. You will present your concept and blog to the class. ** Those who get 25 or more followers will receive an extra 10 points (First post due Tuesday, March 27; Final blog due Tuesday, April 24) RUBRIC

Professional website & presentation – (250 points) – You will develop a website using Dreamweaver, which you will then publish to the campus server. Your website will include an index page introducing and explaining the site, as well as several secondary pages detailing personal and professional information and documents appropriate for a professional setting. You will then explain your website and display its features to your classmates in a brief presentation during our scheduled exam period. The presentation will be worth 50 points; the website itself will be worth 200 points. (Due Wednesday, May 16, 10:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.)

Assessments (100 points each)

Five reading and lecture pop quizzes will be given throughout the semester in order to gauge your learning and retention of information, as well as your class attendance.

Participation (5-7 assignments, equally weighted)

Participation will be gauged based on the completion of out-of-class assignments. Work that is assigned will be spot-checked for completion. Late work will not be accepted.

Point Totals

Projects                 700 points

Participation         300 points

Quizzes                  500 points


TOTAL:         1,500 points

Grade Breakdown

A = 1,350 points or more                               D = 1,049 – 900 points

B = 1,349 – 1,200 points                               F  = 899 points or fewer

C = 1,199 – 1,050 points 


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