Communicating on the Web


Learning Objectives

This course will provide you with a
 foundation for professional writing and design for the Web. Upon completing this course, you will:

–       Be able to think and write critically about website design.

–       Be familiar with the basics of hypertext markup language (HTML) and the practice of putting information online.

–       Have produced a website boasting your personal interests and professional accomplishments worthy of inclusion on your résumé.

–       Be able to provide content online practicing your professional skills using your website, content management systems, and blogs.

–       Be able to innovate within your professional field, providing ideas for communication online that may be unique to your industry.

Required Texts/Items

  • Krug, S. (2006). Don’t Make Me Think (2nd ed.). Berkeley, CA: New Riders. ISBN: 0-321-34475-8
  • Clickers:  You must purchase a clicker at the bookstore and register the clicker through Gullnet.  Please bring the clicker to each class. Frequency 4
  • Bruce, B., Ray, J., & Ness, R. (2011) Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 in 24 Hours. Indianapolis, IN: Sams Publishing. ISBN: 0-672-33330-9

Recommended Texts

  • The Associated Press stylebook and briefing on media law. (2011). [other editions are acceptable]
  • Kessler, L., & McDonald, D. (2008). When words collide (7th ed.). Belmont, Calif.: Thomson-Wadsworth. [other editions are acceptable]

Class Attendance & Deadlines

Your attendance at each class meeting is vital to your successful completion of this course. Much of your technical work will be completed during class. There will also be many opportunities to get in-class feedback on your work that could improve your overall performance and grades, as well as enhance your learning.

I believe your success in this course should be up to you. Therefore, I will not be taking attendance in class. However, there will be five pop quizzes on homework readings or lecture discussions given throughout the semester. These quizzes cannot be made up unless the student has an official note from the SU Health Services Center excusing the absence or documentation of some other excused emergency. I will not share the dates of these pop quizzes with you in advance, so it is in your best interest to attend class regularly.

Deadlines are critical in all fields of communication. Homework and projects will be due at the start of class. Students who are late to class will receive a 5-point deduction on their assignment. Please have your assignments printed BEFORE coming to class. Do not expect to print them in lab before class begins. Assignments that are turned in after class is completed on the due date will receive a 10-point deduction for each day the assignment is late.

Email & Grading

You are expected to use or be able to access your Salisbury University email account for this class.  Students must verify that they can gain access to their email through the Web.  To verify that you can do this, go to and click “campus email” at the top of the page.  If you cannot access your email, see the Help Desk located in TETC 113 or go to the website

Exam grades and other announcements will be posted on the MyClasses website. To access this site, go to and click “MyClasses.” If you are not able to find this course on your MyClasses site, please let me know immediately.

Classroom Procedures and Expectations

BE ON TIME – class goes by very quickly. Therefore, it is imperative that we begin each class on time.
 Students who are late repeatedly will receive points off on their assignments.

–       Please turn off and put away all cell phones. No texting or emailing during class.

–       No food or drinks are allowed in the computer labs.

–       Computer use –computers are permitted for note taking during lecture. However, students who are off-task will be asked to 
leave the class.
 Please be respectful.

–       Those talking out of turn will be asked to leave lecture.

Emergency Clause

In the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines, and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances. In such an event, the MyClasses Web page and my email address ( will be ways to access revised information and assignment deadlines. You are expected to meet the revised deadlines and changes on MyClasses that such developments necessitate. Excused absence(s) due to sickness must be accompanied by an official note from the SU Health Services Center.

Policy on Inclement Weather

Should inclement weather result in classes being cancelled, information will be given to all local radio and television stations.  Students can receive information regarding cancellations by listening to local stations or by calling the Gull Line at 410-546-6426.  Please check MyClasses and your campus email for announcements related to our course if SU is open.

Academic Integrity

Students are expected to do their own work, inside and outside of the classroom. Students 
are expected to work independently, unless directed otherwise, and they may not claim 
anyone else’s work as their own. Students are also expected to do their own work on in-class assignments or quizzes. Students who are caught cheating or using the work of 
others will receive a zero on the assignment or assessment.

You are responsible to abide by SU’s policies about academic dishonesty, as described in the Student Policy on Academic Integrity in your SU Student Handbook available online at The CMAT department expects you have read and understand the University’s policy and thereby agree to honor these standards. The CMAT department considers academic dishonesty as a serious offense and ALL incidences are subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, separation from the university.

Notes as Intellectual Property

The lectures that I deliver in this class and the course materials I create and distribute are protected by federal copyright law as my original works. You are permitted to take notes of lectures and to use course materials for your use in this course. You may not record my lectures without my express consent, and you may not publicly distribute or display or allow anyone else to publicly display or distribute my course materials or lecture notes without my written permission.

Students with Special Needs

If you have a physical, mental, or learning-related disability, please obtain documentation from Disability Support Services (DSS) at 543-6082. Once I have received the appropriate documentation, I will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Please notify me of your needs within the first week of class.

Policy on Religious Holidays

Students will have the opportunity, when feasible, to make up assignments missed due to participation in religious observances. Arrangements must be made in advance and with the approval of the instructor.


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